Essential Oils and Cats

I get asked this question a lot – “Can I diffuse oils around my cats? I have heard it’s bad for them”. Well, in all things relating to essential oil safety I always refer to Robert Tisserand – Essential Oil Guru. If you want to read the full article head on over to

In essence, do not use undiluted essential oils on pets ever unless you have been advised by a qualified aromatherapist to do so but generally so long as pets can get out of the room you are diffusing oils in they will leave if they don’t like the smell. Everything in moderation, diffuse in a large room and don’t have your diffuser going all day and night. Small amounts of essential oils are generally safe for pets. If your pets are on medication or frail it is best to chat to a qualified therapist. I can happily say my 2 dogs (11 & 2) and 2 cats (16 & 9) are quite content to laze around when I am diffusing oils. Happy diffusing!

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