New Year's Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Over the past few years I have adopted a different start to my New Year. I like to select a special word to set my intention for the year ahead. Rather than setting up resolutions and more rules, a word can inspire and empower. It can become your personal mantra. You can check in with your word over the year to see how you are going. My word last year was “abundance” and I loved living that - abundance in love, life, fun and just releasing too much seriousness from my way of living. So, this year my word is “simplify” as I want to live a kinder, simpler life. I want to still the busyness in my life, I yearn for a more peaceful existence. I will be checking in to see how I am going. How about you, do you set words or intentions for the new year? If so, what is your word for the year?

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