What I Have Next To My Bed

The two aroma mists that I always have next to my bed are:

Morning Sun

  • I use this first thing as I drag myself out of my comfy, warm bed. It gets me energised and ready to hit the shower. Just spray above your head and breathe deeply.

  • I also spray it on the bed sheets, the lemon myrtle in this spray is a powerful antibacterial and is perfect neutralising the stale night time air.

  • I always spray this on the mattress when I am changing the sheets. It’s great to kill off any little bugs lurching in the mattress.

Calm Night

  • I use this last thing at night. I spray it on my pillow as I head to the bathroom to clean my teeth.

  • By the time I get back I am ready to snuggle down and drift off to sleep. It’s perfect for a restful night’s sleep or to wind down after a hectic day.

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