Cleaning Your Diffuser

It is important to regularly clean your diffuser, especially if it has been sitting idle with oil and water for a while - let’s face it, we all do this from time to time. Start by filling the diffuser with clean water and 5-10 drops of vinegar. Run the diffuser for approximately five minutes to clear it out.

Empty out the diffuser and pop some bi-carb soda in the reservoir and give it a good wipe out. If you are feeling really energetic get a cotton tip and really get into the corners. Rinse out the bi-carb and away you go again.

Bi-carb is good to use if you have had a particularly strong oil in the diffuser and you want to neutralise the aroma so you can diffuse something a little softer.

At the very least make sure you empty out your old water and oil every time you use your diffuser as mould can form on old water and you don’t want to diffuse that through the house.

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